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Made especially for european car parts

CURRENT MOTOR Corporation / Current Europe GmbH
What are CRT brakes?
Our corporate group has over 15 years experience and expertise with european cars. What we doubted, learned, and our know how took form in these brakes. First, repair materials for european cars are quite expensive; and it is relatively costly to replace parts often. So even if you buy a low price used car, maintenance fees can be high, so extremely attractive european cars Are not common. The brake pads and brake rotors on european cars frequently need to be replaced. Brakes are crucial products that help save lives, when they fadeーinstead of trying to find ways around itーthey should be replaced. Also, constantly switching to a new vehicle would incur incredible expenses and lead to financial ruin. We believe that, like in the West, there needs to be an environment that fosters used cars and used car maintenance to further a culture of environmental preservation. The CRT brake we produced is an easily exchangeable, affordable, and high functioning product.
Made especially for european cars
We invested our substantial expertise from our many year track record on handling european cars into its development.
High priced performance
Affordable repair items for european cars (economy, E series).
Support for brake grime and brake squeal
An upgrade item for european cars that reduces brake squeal by reducing grime (premium, P series).