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Made especially for european car parts
CURRENT MOTOR Corporation / Current Europe GmbH

E series

In a word, they are economical. This specialty product’s price has been lowered as much as possible by only providing a basic function.
That function is stopping power
Many european car models are heavier and faster than domestic cars so stopping power is crucial!
Presently, domestic brake producers mainly make products for domestic cars, and products selected from their limited lineups for european cars are either ineffective and unreliable, or their stopping power will differーmaking you feel unsafe.
Also, parts for european cars are expensive.
Brakes in countries that have speed limitless autobahn sections have the standard stopping power of Western countriesーwhich stress stopping power over durability.
The first time you press a button or step on your brake to stop, after replacing your official product, you will feel it is up to European standards and matches the european car you drive.

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