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Made especially for european car parts
CURRENT MOTOR Corporation / Current Europe GmbH

P series

In short, besides high quality stoppage, it has the added value of reduced grime and brake squeal.
european cars catch a lot of grime and their wheels quickly become pitch black.
Cleaning the brake grime on your wheels every time you wash your car is a hassle.
This hassle is that brake grime contains gravel and oil that will not come off with regular car washing fluid, so you have to use a special solution to remove it so your car can be clean again.
Additionally, many gas stations charge extra fees if you want your wheels cleaned along with your car wash.
Further, the beauty of cars starts from the ground up.
If you actually try this, you will find that no matter how clean looking the body is, if the wheels and tires are dirty the car will not look clean.
When the wheels an tires are squeaky clean, the whole car’s beauty shines through.
Also, there are many drivers who worry about brake squeal.
Many drivers are embarrassed by the squealing brakes on the high end european cars they finally bought.
Brake squeal is caused by vibrating material after the friction of the brake pads and brake rotor touching.
So our brakes are made from an advanced composite material that keeps out grime and reduces squeal.
As a result, we produced a product with the same stopping power, that keeps grime out, and squeals less.
It is an impressive difference from official products.

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